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Disjoined Domains

He was sitting on a cliff, throwing stones into the sea- legs moving to and fro fortuitously. Doubts were culminating in his mind over his abilities. Olivia appears from his back. He didn’t notice her arrival. His mind was completely engrossed on the seashore and invaded with the negative thoughts pumping in his mind putting it in endless loop. Where are you lost? I was looking for you everywhere, asked Olivia.

W–what? He stuttered.

Mm, nothing, she exhaled a deep breath.

It’s been three years since she was with him and he used to get lost so often that she’s now used to of it.

I.. mm I came along to get some fresh air out here, he told.

She knew that he wasn’t lying but he never told the complete truth either. He used to lay low. It’s her with whom he doesn’t feel uneasiness. She sat down besides him. He was still lost in his thoughts- depressed and dejected.

Why don’t you let go of your thoughts, Harold? What bothers you this much? She took his hand in hers and asked.

I.. I..I feel dejected, useless and pathetic.

And why do you feel like this?

Whenever I try to do something good, either people influence me, demoralize me and tell me that I’m aaaa .. pathetic.

And this exacerbate the pain when it feels like God is not on my side, he added.

She kept listening to him. He was telling his tale for the first time in her time with him.

Why God is not on my side, Olivia?

God is always on your side, Harold. It’s that we don’t understand Him. We need not to. He has a plan for everything. We should let him do His job. It’s not in our domain to question His motives for us. Whatever He does for us, in the end all things settle down and get their calmness, Harold.

How do you manage to be happy this much, Olivia?

I remain happy because I ‘do not’ question God’s intent. Why to think and get worried about things which are not in my domain?

He looked convinced, and felt contented.




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