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You’ve to prove to no-one. Do you?

You might come across with feelings that your efforts are gone in vein while your shortcomings are highlighted and criticized. Well, one point. You’ve to prove to no-one. You’ve already achieved this much that you can satisfy your brain. You can tell your brain that what needs to be done is already accomplished. And, if it’s not, then it WILL BE. There is no need to be worried about cause you’ll not die until you perform your part of duty. So, what’s the point?

You’ve to prove to no-one. So why to give a damn to other’s mocking and criticism? The reason is:

1. You’ve trained your mind to take inputs of the people who shouldn’t be around you.

2. You’ve let others program you with their gibberish thoughts.

My point is, let go of the negative energy around you. You’ve to prove to no-one. Try perfecting what’s already achieved. And there is no fate but we make. Sorry about quoting Terminator Series’ here. DO NOT let negative people around you or affect you. The game is already won, and won quite significantly.

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Depressing Moments

And then my favorite novel series of all time ‘Imran series’ came to an end. I’ve read all of the published novels online and in printed form. Now, depression is all over on me. When the novels that used to make you happy get ended, this should be a natural instinct. This is the third time I’m getting this kind of feeling in the month of Ramadan.  

What to do when you end up doing every interesting thing you got? Movies, YouTube videos, games, twitter, and novels, everything I used to be happy accompany with fail to remove my boredom. It might be a reason of remaining home all the time sticking with laptop doing these stuff again n again.

I’m looking forward to get something new to do from you people. I hope that you people would have a lot of interesting stuff to do.

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