It’s Me

Embedded Design Engineer. FAST 08′ Alumni and one of the lamest persons you’d ever meet. ^_^
P.S I suck at giving intros -_-


25 thoughts on “It’s Me

  1. jadwaa says:

    Well I’ve never seen someone praise himself so much before 😀
    lol 🙂
    heyy …. nice blog !!!

  2. Aisha says:

    Here comes another one to accompany the collection of your other awards 🙂

  3. Where have you been? I mean long time, no see. Btw, blog and everything is getting good. It’s been so long you visited my blog O.o

  4. Hira Nazir says:

    Haaaaaaain? I thought I’m the most stupid one with alot of bongiyans in my brain. But oh, then I came here, the chaman of bongiyans and my fancy dissolved.
    *Yeh jo uper bola, woh bhi tou aik bongi hi maari ^_^ *
    Ok, after ‘actually’ going through the blog and reading some posts properly, I’d say, “Awesome blog and good effort, Bongat 😉 ”
    I shall come ‘ere to see your bongiyans and to give you tough time and annoy you by my bongiyans.
    *Oh well, I dare to do sarcasm too, ALOT” ^.^
    Brace yourself!

    • Fahad Naeem says:

      I’m glad to see people having same nature as of mine. P.S You’re welcome to spoil my blog, my brain and things related to me. Also, I confessed to be a lamer but now it is becoming an Art 😛

  5. Hira Nazir says:

    Haye. Likewise. :’) I say, Lameness – thy name is moi.
    P.S: I am more than glad on this super quick response of yours. 😀 Rock \o/

  6. Khaula Nazir says:

    Seriously, this wasn’t even bakwas, this was PURE DAMNED BAKWAS!!
    Ahahha…that was one nice introduction, even when it spoiled my image of you…

  7. Moniba says:

    Hello there. Nice blog! 🙂 Where are you from? You forgot to mention that in the midst of mentioning your lameness.

  8. hahah a very crazy guy you are as i am,,i am happy to find a fellow like you..thumbs up 🙂

  9. Hi..
    In fact stupid girl here too.
    Nice that i found you..

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