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Disjoined Domains

He was sitting on a cliff, throwing stones into the sea- legs moving to and fro fortuitously. Doubts were culminating in his mind over his abilities. Olivia appears from his back. He didn’t notice her arrival. His mind was completely engrossed on the seashore and invaded with the negative thoughts pumping in his mind putting it in endless loop. Where are you lost? I was looking for you everywhere, asked Olivia.

W–what? He stuttered.

Mm, nothing, she exhaled a deep breath.

It’s been three years since she was with him and he used to get lost so often that she’s now used to of it.

I.. mm I came along to get some fresh air out here, he told.

She knew that he wasn’t lying but he never told the complete truth either. He used to lay low. It’s her with whom he doesn’t feel uneasiness. She sat down besides him. He was still lost in his thoughts- depressed and dejected.

Why don’t you let go of your thoughts, Harold? What bothers you this much? She took his hand in hers and asked.

I.. I..I feel dejected, useless and pathetic.

And why do you feel like this?

Whenever I try to do something good, either people influence me, demoralize me and tell me that I’m aaaa .. pathetic.

And this exacerbate the pain when it feels like God is not on my side, he added.

She kept listening to him. He was telling his tale for the first time in her time with him.

Why God is not on my side, Olivia?

God is always on your side, Harold. It’s that we don’t understand Him. We need not to. He has a plan for everything. We should let him do His job. It’s not in our domain to question His motives for us. Whatever He does for us, in the end all things settle down and get their calmness, Harold.

How do you manage to be happy this much, Olivia?

I remain happy because I ‘do not’ question God’s intent. Why to think and get worried about things which are not in my domain?

He looked convinced, and felt contented.




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Criticism we face!

It’s a day to day life when we want to write/say or when we want to remain silent. But, being silent over the issues one has been facing since his childhood is not a good thing to do, I feel.
We all have faced some kind of criticism over what we do, say or feel. Some face a lot of them or some face some of them. Some call it POSITIVE criticism or some call if NEGATIVE. I feel that I have a lot of NEGATIVE criticism. People come, see and criticise me as if I’ve stolen their goats. They used to mock me. They used to make fun of my humbleness, my feelings and my achievements i.e. God has blessed upon me. I have witnessed that those who used to mock me fall behind me even when I was an average guy.
After chain of events, I have learnt that at the end your life belongs to God. Do not fall behind cause of the mocking of others. Let God deal with those people.

Make a cause. Work for it. Cry for it. And have a don’t care attitude towards people. Your life and God’s rule should be applied. Cause, there is no fate but what we make not what others force us to make.

Criticism not to take as Sarcasm.

He/She is like this or that. He does flirt. She wears short dress. Things we hear frequently these days. Criticizing has become an art. It has overshadowed our state of being. Pretty much condemnable though but..

When society’s decline starts, we turn to those things that matter the least. We’re turning to such state.

Few months earlier,, I used to criticize others, my family members & my friends. I thought criticizing is synonym to sarcasm. But, when people criticized me, and I felt demoralized, then I came to know that criticizing others is a disease and it should be cured. By criticizing others we give a blow to others’ motivations & plans. Instead of this, we/I should buck up them. That’s how West has progressed & we’re still a third world country. Let’s pledge that we’ll not criticize others and will back them for their every good act regardless of Religion, cast, sect, ethnicity and nation.

This world needs a lot of turning back from this enactment. In reality, God knows the best.


Pain is inevitable for learning, He says. But, what about pain is given by people around you? It doesn’t get measured. Unless not at this level. They say, sometimes credit doesn’t get calculated. You sometimes don’t need to work for credit. Credit for the good things you’ve done. May be, sometimes you’ve to work for your inner satisfaction. To satisfy your soul that you’re not doing something wrong. 

Over the years, I’m fed up of the people around me, by their biased nature, treating me for granted & not approving my good things though a few but if you can’t praise, then you’ve no right to criticize. Criticize on things that appears to be little comparing to things you’re doing for your lust & for your so called egoistic nature.

Either I need to hibernate myself or to push those people who have different standards for me & for their boyfriends/girlfriends/best friends.


When.. When.. When

When twist comes, it’s the perfect time to stay in the game.

When falling appears to be inevitable, it makes perfect sense to chuckle & stand up for the last and one more try.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to continuously losing because only this way you would tell to your heart that you’re not giving up on your dreams.

Alone God has the full knowledge.


Fears create spaces. Fears created by thoughts. Thoughts arouse from Brain.

Crap. Doesn’t make sense. Albeit the fact, it will only make sense, if said by an award-winning scientist or an elder having years of experience.

Fearing that if it doesn’t happen, something this or that will take place. This way you create spaces. Spaces that haunt you, piss you and make you frustrated. Fearing is good. But, fearing to lose makes you perplexed and impotent in your striding towards your destination.

I do. I do the same stuff. We preach what we don’t practice. What we practice we don’t share or rather preach.

“Sharing a thought multiplies it times it is being shared”. -Dan Brown.

I lack practicality. I hope, the ones reading it won’t. I expect and hope that, they may practice it. Do not let your brain create deceptive messages.


Sometimes retreating remains the best option. Sometimes..

Sometimes remaining on the field only brings fatigue both mentally and psychologically.

He said, a war is either won or lost before it is being fought. Who? An ancient Chinese General Sun Tzu. They say, believe else ready to be freeze. Sometimes .. Crying brings the best results. Sometimes .. Because, all the temporary remedies to depression only makes you weak. Get an example. Cigarettes/Sheesha. Masturbation/Fingering. Wine/Sex. Sometimes you need to appear real and natural.

Sometimes whining and mourning do not bring results. These only make your miserable.

In get going, when it was difficult to suspire,

it was the time, you need to be rattling.

May the deserving reach his/her destination with all of the joy and ecstasy.

Note: Forgive me for any typos.

What makes you astir

Sometimes they say, gradual improvements makes you a better person and brings more harmony to you. A sudden workout and an urge for exponential improvement doesn’t work. But, they forgot to mention that for gradual improvement, you must be a persistent man, you must possess perseverance. Other than that, you may fail badly and sometimes weirdly.

Some may say, working by burning your boats is the best practice. Albeit the fact that you don’t need to be cautious over the things that matter. Your subconscious get trained of your aggressiveness. I as a neutral observer is a fan of this theory. Sometimes all that matters is winning, no matter how you’re getting or how you may get, sometimes all that matters is winning. As, Dan Brown says, History is being written by winners. Sometimes, the state of being only asks you to either Do or Die. Either improve or back off. Either work or give up.

Moral: Cause is important than your habits, feelings, lust and desire. That defines you. That makes you and that is your purpose.

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An Imaginative art

Angry-Birds-in-Love-coloring-pageOnce, a girl and a boy were rambling near the sea shore. The boy was named as Franklin and girl as Katherine. There were other people too wandering with their families and couples. But, this couple was looking gorgeous due to Katherine and Franklin’s dressings and the luminance on their faces. It was a clear indication that both were enjoying each other’s company. Katherine was there in her hood & jeans while Franklin was in his typical jeans & jersey. As, moon was spreading it’s bewitching moonlight, Katherine was mesmerized by the beauty of the sea and it’s tides while Franklin was busy watching the beauty of Katherine.

Suddenly, Franklin held Katherine’s hand. She felt being protective. She liked it. Franklin went beyond that and gave her a hug. Katherine still didn’t resist. After a while, he started rubbing her arms. Due to the nature of Katherine being a woman, she liked Franklin’s this act of loving her. By this, they were involved in a deep kiss. Franklin held Katherine in his arms and brought her to his car. In his car, Franklin undressed Katherine who was hardly resistant and Katherine let him to do sex with her.

After they finished it happily, Katherine asked Franklin, “Do you love me?

Franklin looked skeptical and replied with a confused smile, “Yes, I do”. But, the smile said it all, he did not.

Katherine rode off from him with teary eyes. She knew, she was being made fool by the typicality of men.

Franklin went hangdog, as he knew he just liked Katherine and he didn’t want to marry her but all that happened was due to the sudden-arousal of feelings. No matter what, a bad thing happened due to the dilemma of Franklin that he didn’t know either he love her or

This is a typical mindset of Boyfriends towards their Girlfriends in the relationships in our society which is actually destroying love, relationships and most importantly friendship between opposite gender.

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Confusing Others with the Inner Confusion of Ourselves

Somewhere, and at sometime, we all experience a behavior named ‘Confusing Others with the Inner Confusion of Ourselves‘. This, has it’s pros and cons like each and everything we have in this world, have.

Definition : Due to the ambiguity within one, if someone doesn’t decide what to do and what not to do, he/she creates to says or sometimes forces   to do others to impel confusion within himself/herself.

Pros :

  1. He/ She can blame others that you had such disease beforehand, you were supposed to do this or that.
  2. He/She can put all the blame on others of his/her sufferings.

See, one can benefit of ‘Confusing Others with the Inner Confusion of himself/herself’ by consciously practicing his/her sub-conscious based abilities.

Cons :

  1. Others can start disliking him/her.
  2. He/ She could be named root-cause of all the problems around bunch of people.

In this regard, we’re required to, not to indulge in this stupid act of confusing others. So, keep it normal, please.

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