Hello Friends, Long time no see?

Hello Friends, I’m back. Long time no see?
We all claim to be busy and do nothing. Don’t We?
From now onwards, I’ll try to be irrational and say things that come to my mind without giving them a second thought. I came to the realization that writing is necessary so is speaking one’s heart.
The absence of myself is mainly due to the fact that I lost my touch of inspiring with my words; I thought that writing is for others but after 5 years of absence, I now came to know that We write for ourselves, not for someone else.
Writing decreases depression and anxiety; So If you’re short of words and have nothing to say, I’d still suggest writing something daily.
The problem with the introverts like us is that we get bored of the people, their biasedness (which we all are) and the way life treats us and putting ourselves in some sort of lockdown or in a bunker becomes the only solution.
I was camouflaged in books, writing random stuff and watching videos/tutorials but then I realized I wasn’t growing. I was stuck somewhere and I needed people to rescue me.

But after spending the last 6 months with people, it was of no use. They can’t rescue you. They are part of a bigger problem. They see things differently and they cannot solve the messes you have created. You are the solution.
So back to the square one, I reverted to the original scenario. Saying things irrationally and reading books.
I hope you don’t suffer from the same scenario where you have nothing to do but the urge to put your thoughts into words.
If you have something to say, feel free to approach me.

Your Views?

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