Monthly Archives: August 2019

In the midst of…

In the midst of the wars, we have won,
against the ultimate enemy we had,
at the explicitly crafted battlefield, we had,
to the credit, we had lost,
it was nothing but amiss,
if we could not pursue but elude,
to the end of the beginning,
it’s the battle we had lost,
which was everything to us but alas,
we’re nothing but ashes in the acreage,
a meaningless but illusion-ised affair,
in the calamity and despair,
in the midst of the war among wars,
we’re stripped of the powers,
to lead and to hold,
it’s us to blame,
for the pleasures and happiness, we had chased,
it’s the maneuvering which,
brings the ecstasy of an untouchable kind.

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