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They say, I’m not ethically human. They say, I’m bad, westernised and religiously-not-well-behaved. But what they do these days is historically not forgiven. We all go from the darkness, we all went. It’s THE efforts which judge your intentions. Your red soary eyes and your trembling hands are enough to tell you what’s going on. After all, those who’re on the right path should not worry about the barking of STREET DOGS. This is Fahad Naeem writing this post.

Things do change. They do change for you. Your tears won’t change them. Your strength of balls would. Get up. Fuck up the barking dogs and roar.

There is no fate but what we make.


Follow your Instincts

We all have our sixth-sense. We all get signs outsides of us. But instincts are what we should follow. If we are getting a feeling that something is going wrong and we should change our course, then we SHOULD. If we don’t then we will continue to suffer. Instincts lead us to sense that after all of our efforts we’re not getting subsequent results. We should try, try and try but not the same way. But by changing our course.

Follow your instincts. Follow it.
But God has the best knowledge of all.

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