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Say that, say that you’re not going to ..

You don’t need to go to a new country to start a brand new start. To start a new life, you just need a new brain, a new thinking. Say that you’ll fight till the last, say that and I own you.

To pay for your tears, you don’t need to see dreams, say that you’ll not surrender, say that to yourselves.

To feel that your legs have immense power to reach to the destiny, you don’t need to have a forever sleep, say that you have immense will power to stand still, to stand for your immortal cause.


Say that, you’ll not die until all of it is not achieved. Say that, you’re not giving up against your inner enemy, say that and I’m going to own you.

Criticism we face!

It’s a day to day life when we want to write/say or when we want to remain silent. But, being silent over the issues one has been facing since his childhood is not a good thing to do, I feel.
We all have faced some kind of criticism over what we do, say or feel. Some face a lot of them or some face some of them. Some call it POSITIVE criticism or some call if NEGATIVE. I feel that I have a lot of NEGATIVE criticism. People come, see and criticise me as if I’ve stolen their goats. They used to mock me. They used to make fun of my humbleness, my feelings and my achievements i.e. God has blessed upon me. I have witnessed that those who used to mock me fall behind me even when I was an average guy.
After chain of events, I have learnt that at the end your life belongs to God. Do not fall behind cause of the mocking of others. Let God deal with those people.

Make a cause. Work for it. Cry for it. And have a don’t care attitude towards people. Your life and God’s rule should be applied. Cause, there is no fate but what we make not what others force us to make.

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