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Unnatural retreat of mind

He has difficulty in memorizing things. He has lost confidence. His IQ level has dropped from a brilliant score to below average. He can’t concentrate. He recedes when he works.

To whom we should blame? Him or God?

Surely he is responsible for all these unnatural retreat. 

We blame ‘third party’ for the lack of strength in our behaviour. It’s all because we fail to monopolize good in us. It’s all because of our ‘unnatural’ activities. The cognitive behaviour of brain remains intact when we stay natural.

Altering things in ourselves lose us our abilities.

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Love & we

At some point in our life we suffer from love. We suffer from this type of feeling. We all do. We all love. We all love with a human being. But that doesn’t mean we forget our goals due to such feelings, due to such emotions.

Accept it my friends, we have to move on from such emotions and feelings at some point of our life. But, that doesn’t mean we have stopped loving our beloved persons. Love happens for once and it happens with only one person. 

Our love remains eternal when we refrain ourselves with activities hated by our beloved. Get out of sufferings. Get your lases tighten and move on to the eternal goal and causes. 

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