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Direction less Efforts

We all have directions towards a specific goal and we all lose them on the course of reaching our destination. Direction less efforts actually frustrate us when we are unable to achieve something after continuous efforts. I have been struggling with the same problem. And, it’s been 24 years I am unable to find the solution. If, someone get to fix it, do tell me.

Direction less you, Direction less me.

Let’s not fall our hands to knee.


We all need motivation. Some people motivate themselves & some people need it from others. In both cases progress depends on it.

But, the point is, no one worries if we exist or not. It only matters to us. So why to keep it to others to motivate yourself for the achievements of your dreams? Lazy much. No?

It is mind which drives us to work not our other body parts. Let us motivate it by ourselves. After all, you’ll not die until all of the assignments you WERE supposed to be done are completed.

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