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We all need God.

Writing this blog from Office because writing it from is too mainstream 😛

We human beings always try to find logic in everything that happens. And those who believe in God put on Him when they don’t find any logic. That is the only way they can satisfy their curious brain. Sadly, Atheists don’t do such way.

I wonder, how can we live without God. Some where and some time we need prayers and where one gets completely helpless. 

We all need God. We all need prayers. We are not Super Natural Powers.


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What to do, Babes !

A lot of Things have been said on how to tackle People’s Behavior with you as what they say and do to you because I’ve suffered a lot in my life by paying attention to them.

There is a saying. 

“People will not get happy if you do all the possible acts in your life”.

They are biased, judgmental & have their personal liking & disliking. 

As I spent my life on Social Networks a lot, I came through a lot of people and each have problems with anyone. So, you can’t make everyone happy by killing your Dreams or suspending what you were made for. Just let them bark on you. Move on. There is a replacement of every Follower on Twitter. Every Friend in Real life. So instead of making shit meaningful to you, try spending time and giving importance to your siblings or Blood Relations. 

Do what you were born for. Not what shit people ask you to do with their intrusion.

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