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Criticism not to take as Sarcasm.

He/She is like this or that. He does flirt. She wears short dress. Things we hear frequently these days. Criticizing has become an art. It has overshadowed our state of being. Pretty much condemnable though but..

When society’s decline starts, we turn to those things that matter the least. We’re turning to such state.

Few months earlier,, I used to criticize others, my family members & my friends. I thought criticizing is synonym to sarcasm. But, when people criticized me, and I felt demoralized, then I came to know that criticizing others is a disease and it should be cured. By criticizing others we give a blow to others’ motivations & plans. Instead of this, we/I should buck up them. That’s how West has progressed & we’re still a third world country. Let’s pledge that we’ll not criticize others and will back them for their every good act regardless of Religion, cast, sect, ethnicity and nation.

This world needs a lot of turning back from this enactment. In reality, God knows the best.

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