Pain is inevitable for learning, He says. But, what about pain is given by people around you? It doesn’t get measured. Unless not at this level. They say, sometimes credit doesn’t get calculated. You sometimes don’t need to work for credit. Credit for the good things you’ve done. May be, sometimes you’ve to work for your inner satisfaction. To satisfy your soul that you’re not doing something wrong. 

Over the years, I’m fed up of the people around me, by their biased nature, treating me for granted & not approving my good things though a few but if you can’t praise, then you’ve no right to criticize. Criticize on things that appears to be little comparing to things you’re doing for your lust & for your so called egoistic nature.

Either I need to hibernate myself or to push those people who have different standards for me & for their boyfriends/girlfriends/best friends.



One thought on “Standards..

  1. Blink says:

    if you actually want yourself to be treated in the best way .. you’ll have to start respecting yourself first .. and ignore as much as you can ..
    i read this beautiful quote some where .. have a look and ponder over it .. i did the same thing . When I was young I dreamed of changing the world As I grew older and wiser I decided to change myself

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