Fears create spaces. Fears created by thoughts. Thoughts arouse from Brain.

Crap. Doesn’t make sense. Albeit the fact, it will only make sense, if said by an award-winning scientist or an elder having years of experience.

Fearing that if it doesn’t happen, something this or that will take place. This way you create spaces. Spaces that haunt you, piss you and make you frustrated. Fearing is good. But, fearing to lose makes you perplexed and impotent in your striding towards your destination.

I do. I do the same stuff. We preach what we don’t practice. What we practice we don’t share or rather preach.

“Sharing a thought multiplies it times it is being shared”. -Dan Brown.

I lack practicality. I hope, the ones reading it won’t. I expect and hope that, they may practice it. Do not let your brain create deceptive messages.


2 thoughts on “Fears..

  1. Hira Nazir says:

    It is true, we actually fear our ‘fears’. It leads to impracticality for it kills the will and hope for doing something. Easier said than done is the case most of the times. But there is no discrimination in intellectual talks. It doesn’t matter whether said by a best seller author or a lame man person, as far as the stance makes sense and is factual, it is appreciated and accepted. So is this one!

  2. Kiran Ashraf says:

    We all go through this, moments when our fears hold us…strengthening their grip around our feet but then comes the power of faith and trust. If you have that in you, no fear can stop you.

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