Sometimes retreating remains the best option. Sometimes..

Sometimes remaining on the field only brings fatigue both mentally and psychologically.

He said, a war is either won or lost before it is being fought. Who? An ancient Chinese General Sun Tzu. They say, believe else ready to be freeze. Sometimes .. Crying brings the best results. Sometimes .. Because, all the temporary remedies to depression only makes you weak. Get an example. Cigarettes/Sheesha. Masturbation/Fingering. Wine/Sex. Sometimes you need to appear real and natural.

Sometimes whining and mourning do not bring results. These only make your miserable.

In get going, when it was difficult to suspire,

it was the time, you need to be rattling.

May the deserving reach his/her destination with all of the joy and ecstasy.

Note: Forgive me for any typos.


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