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Pain is inevitable for learning, He says. But, what about pain is given by people around you? It doesn’t get measured. Unless not at this level. They say, sometimes credit doesn’t get calculated. You sometimes don’t need to work for credit. Credit for the good things you’ve done. May be, sometimes you’ve to work for your inner satisfaction. To satisfy your soul that you’re not doing something wrong. 

Over the years, I’m fed up of the people around me, by their biased nature, treating me for granted & not approving my good things though a few but if you can’t praise, then you’ve no right to criticize. Criticize on things that appears to be little comparing to things you’re doing for your lust & for your so called egoistic nature.

Either I need to hibernate myself or to push those people who have different standards for me & for their boyfriends/girlfriends/best friends.


When.. When.. When

When twist comes, it’s the perfect time to stay in the game.

When falling appears to be inevitable, it makes perfect sense to chuckle & stand up for the last and one more try.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to continuously losing because only this way you would tell to your heart that you’re not giving up on your dreams.

Alone God has the full knowledge.


Fears create spaces. Fears created by thoughts. Thoughts arouse from Brain.

Crap. Doesn’t make sense. Albeit the fact, it will only make sense, if said by an award-winning scientist or an elder having years of experience.

Fearing that if it doesn’t happen, something this or that will take place. This way you create spaces. Spaces that haunt you, piss you and make you frustrated. Fearing is good. But, fearing to lose makes you perplexed and impotent in your striding towards your destination.

I do. I do the same stuff. We preach what we don’t practice. What we practice we don’t share or rather preach.

“Sharing a thought multiplies it times it is being shared”. -Dan Brown.

I lack practicality. I hope, the ones reading it won’t. I expect and hope that, they may practice it. Do not let your brain create deceptive messages.


Sometimes retreating remains the best option. Sometimes..

Sometimes remaining on the field only brings fatigue both mentally and psychologically.

He said, a war is either won or lost before it is being fought. Who? An ancient Chinese General Sun Tzu. They say, believe else ready to be freeze. Sometimes .. Crying brings the best results. Sometimes .. Because, all the temporary remedies to depression only makes you weak. Get an example. Cigarettes/Sheesha. Masturbation/Fingering. Wine/Sex. Sometimes you need to appear real and natural.

Sometimes whining and mourning do not bring results. These only make your miserable.

In get going, when it was difficult to suspire,

it was the time, you need to be rattling.

May the deserving reach his/her destination with all of the joy and ecstasy.

Note: Forgive me for any typos.

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