What makes you astir

Sometimes they say, gradual improvements makes you a better person and brings more harmony to you. A sudden workout and an urge for exponential improvement doesn’t work. But, they forgot to mention that for gradual improvement, you must be a persistent man, you must possess perseverance. Other than that, you may fail badly and sometimes weirdly.

Some may say, working by burning your boats is the best practice. Albeit the fact that you don’t need to be cautious over the things that matter. Your subconscious get trained of your aggressiveness. I as a neutral observer is a fan of this theory. Sometimes all that matters is winning, no matter how you’re getting or how you may get, sometimes all that matters is winning. As, Dan Brown says, History is being written by winners. Sometimes, the state of being only asks you to either Do or Die. Either improve or back off. Either work or give up.

Moral: Cause is important than your habits, feelings, lust and desire. That defines you. That makes you and that is your purpose.

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3 thoughts on “What makes you astir

  1. Hira Nazir says:

    That is why eventually we give up on our habits to achieve the set aim or goal. This giving up on our leisure may also alter our being but it is usually and mostly in a positive way for a better result. And as it is said,”Adatain badalney kai liye hoti hai, fitrat nahi badalti”.
    We do bring a change, refrain ourselves from those which matter or are less important to get nearer to thing that will shape our future, our destiny and tomorrow.

  2. vpa161 says:

    Actually I’m not good at English, but what you’re saying here makes me think a lot. I understand what you meant, and sometimes I think, too. Wow, good job howdy. I mean I gotta follow you nah 🙂

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