A Comparison Between Movies & Novels

They say, “Do watch Movies”. I got impressed with their state of mind as I came from a background in which Movies, specially Hollywood Movies get the least priority. I watched the Movie. As the Heroine of the Movie resembles to my crush at University, my sole focus was on her. Resulting, I hardly understood the theme of the Movie.

Consequently, I gave 2/5 to the Novel. After years, when I got to read the Novel, I realized serious flaws in the Movie. As being the best seller, Novel offered so much in the name of Knowledge. I’m talking about The Da Vinci Code. They say, “Visuals effect you more”. I say, written material effect your sub-conscious more than anything. You can sense Dan Brown in my way of writing a blog.

Moral : Never watch a Movie or a Drama based on the Novel. It drastically deviate you from the theme of the novel regardless of the characters performance in it.

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9 thoughts on “A Comparison Between Movies & Novels

  1. AllanBorne says:

    We’re somewhat on the same page here. Though I have to ask: what’s your opinion on the novelizations written based on the movies?

    • Fahad Naeem says:

      It gives you a broader perspective. But you need to read the novel first.

      • AllanBorne says:

        I got a collection of movie novelizations somewhere at home. It was supposed to be the basis for a college paper that never really fell through. I was interested at the time which medium was more effective in storytelling. Though the only conclusion I got was that one’s mileage may vary depending on which director or writer was involved…

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Yes never watch a film after reading the book it will always disappoint!

  3. kiranashraf says:

    I purposly dont watch movies based on books because of the above mentioned reason. A three or four hour long movie can never accumiliate a 300 or 400 paged book.

  4. Khaula Nazir says:

    Okay…so first of all, this is not bakwas, as you put it…its true.
    I saw the same things in Rebecca, Brokeback Mountain, Game Of Thrones, even though its a series, Gone With The Wind, The Kite Runner, To Kill A Mockingbird….and many more..
    And so, it is an irrefutable fact that yes, movies are not the truth…

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