Women’s Rights

If you can’t beat them, accuse them of being flirt.

That’s what Ladies do when they’re confronting with a Man. I’ve a friend who used to tell her friend that he is a flirt whenever she loses an argument. So much upper hand by the feminists still chanting for Women’s rights. Men suffer more than women in a virtual world. No?


6 thoughts on “Women’s Rights

  1. amira says:

    The answers is a big NO 🙂
    why don’t you elaborate and explain how and why and when men suffer.

    I do agree there are some men who are disadvantaged than others. But the general trend is for the man to believe this is his world to do what he wants.

    I kindly request you to read this post. http://mindblur.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/why-we-are-fixated-on-womens-rights/
    Your feedback on it will be so much appreciated.

    • Fahad Naeem says:

      Well, there is a queue. If a woman arrives, she is treated before than men. And there are numerous examples like that.

      • amira says:

        That certainly does not happen where I live. first come first serve is what I see.
        No difference between a man and woman. But yes, when someone says to a woman “please go ahead I can wait”, then that would mean that that person understands a woman has more responsibilities (there might be a child waiting alone at home for the mother to return, there might be a sick mother or father waiting for her daughter, there might be a husband waiting for the food to be served etc etc).

        Anyways, there is nothing wrong in giving women a bit of respect. After all every single one of the human being was carried in the belly of a mother for 9 long months. that is hard work. And yet, a mother only feels happiness for the life that grows in her.

        So please do not belittle the cry for women’s rights. More women on this world suffer in silent agony while more men show the upper hand through physical abuse.

      • Fahad Naeem says:

        Very well said. Thank you for opening my eyes, Amira.

  2. kiranashraf says:

    And you just generalized the female human species again 🙂

  3. Moniba says:

    Pfft no! No way do men suffer more. I agree with Amira.

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