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An Imaginative art

Angry-Birds-in-Love-coloring-pageOnce, a girl and a boy were rambling near the sea shore. The boy was named as Franklin and girl as Katherine. There were other people too wandering with their families and couples. But, this couple was looking gorgeous due to Katherine and Franklin’s dressings and the luminance on their faces. It was a clear indication that both were enjoying each other’s company. Katherine was there in her hood & jeans while Franklin was in his typical jeans & jersey. As, moon was spreading it’s bewitching moonlight, Katherine was mesmerized by the beauty of the sea and it’s tides while Franklin was busy watching the beauty of Katherine.

Suddenly, Franklin held Katherine’s hand. She felt being protective. She liked it. Franklin went beyond that and gave her a hug. Katherine still didn’t resist. After a while, he started rubbing her arms. Due to the nature of Katherine being a woman, she liked Franklin’s this act of loving her. By this, they were involved in a deep kiss. Franklin held Katherine in his arms and brought her to his car. In his car, Franklin undressed Katherine who was hardly resistant and Katherine let him to do sex with her.

After they finished it happily, Katherine asked Franklin, “Do you love me?

Franklin looked skeptical and replied with a confused smile, “Yes, I do”. But, the smile said it all, he did not.

Katherine rode off from him with teary eyes. She knew, she was being made fool by the typicality of men.

Franklin went hangdog, as he knew he just liked Katherine and he didn’t want to marry her but all that happened was due to the sudden-arousal of feelings. No matter what, a bad thing happened due to the dilemma of Franklin that he didn’t know either he love her or

This is a typical mindset of Boyfriends towards their Girlfriends in the relationships in our society which is actually destroying love, relationships and most importantly friendship between opposite gender.

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“Those who’re the most calculated suffer with the most depression.” -Me

Book Review : Deception Point

Deception Point

You may not be a fan of thrillers and suspense. But, I recommend you to read something extra-ordinary. Deception Point by Dan Brown. #1 New York’s Best selling Author of The Da Vinci Code.

The novel contains everything. Morals, Thrill, Suspense, To-Do-Work etc and etc. And also, a theory called ‘Null Start’ inn which, you’re going to learn who to brain-storm on things that are important to you but make no sense at the start.

The characters in the novel are worth-loving. Rachael Sexton and Michael Tolland. The style of the Dan Brown brings ever-lasting memories. He is going to mesmerize you, I bet. But, for this, you’ve to be a book lover but unfortunately, love for the books are vanishing from the country and from the world either.

I’d recommend everybody to read this novel.

Get me Off

I’m writing this blog-post in the midst of a best-seller writer’s another master piece. I’m perceiving absently a question being asked from me as if my blog resembles to my thoughts or it was facilely written.

  1. My all posts reflects the events happened in the past and I know more owe that me.
  2. Intentions have nothing to with your results. A good intention may not bring you to that for what you were made for and you’ve only one life to accomplish. I possess that intentions but I’m no more that me.

Get me off from your highly-rated me. I’m no more that me. I repeat, get me off or else you’re going to be highly disappointed.

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