It seems to be years when one continues to replicate his/her activities until someone pin points him/her to over turn that. Something like this, results frustration and anxiety into that one. Pretty alarming though.

So, what can be done. To believe that, we’re supposed to reiterate such things and believe in history or past repeating itself or tends to offer some calculative efforts is a dilemma. When different inputs provide repetitive same results, dilemma-prevailing-feeling is a nature instinct.

Unfortunately, or by some people’s point of view fortunately and by the claim that “Every thing happens for a reason”, I’m going through such dilemma. For me, to hibernate myself, and to offer my sincere efforts some other time could be the only possibility. But still, I’m looking forward for new suggestions and advises. One should never saw NO to advises and suggestions.  God knows which can be helpful for one.


2 thoughts on “Dilemma-Prevailing-Life

  1. kiranashraf says:

    Whenver somone tried to tell me that “everything happens for a reason,” I was always like back off loser (shouting it out loud my head) And then came times which I wished should have never come, they took from me my most precious beings whom are dearly loved. So all in all, I dont know whether this whole saying is right or wrong but I do know that everything gives you a lesson and a reason. Ahhh I guess I just made my comment too complicated, I will stop now. Awesome blog btw 🙂

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