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Book Review : The Battle for God


Today, at last I came to complete this book. A book, that was a best seller of it’s time. A book that relates Fundamentalism in all three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Although, Karen’s analysis about all three were out of any biasedness but still she couldn’t manage to impress me as she did in her book Jerusalem : One City Three Faiths.

He research in this book was incomplete. She disappointed me at many points. But still, she managed to conclude her point of view and that’s the best thing a great writer can do.  If you love to read research based books, this is a best book to be read.

In my opinion, if someone has patience to cope his/her dis-likeness, he/she should go to read it.

Conclusion : Recommended.

Confusing Others with the Inner Confusion of Ourselves

Somewhere, and at sometime, we all experience a behavior named ‘Confusing Others with the Inner Confusion of Ourselves‘. This, has it’s pros and cons like each and everything we have in this world, have.

Definition : Due to the ambiguity within one, if someone doesn’t decide what to do and what not to do, he/she creates to says or sometimes forces   to do others to impel confusion within himself/herself.

Pros :

  1. He/ She can blame others that you had such disease beforehand, you were supposed to do this or that.
  2. He/She can put all the blame on others of his/her sufferings.

See, one can benefit of ‘Confusing Others with the Inner Confusion of himself/herself’ by consciously practicing his/her sub-conscious based abilities.

Cons :

  1. Others can start disliking him/her.
  2. He/ She could be named root-cause of all the problems around bunch of people.

In this regard, we’re required to, not to indulge in this stupid act of confusing others. So, keep it normal, please.


It seems to be years when one continues to replicate his/her activities until someone pin points him/her to over turn that. Something like this, results frustration and anxiety into that one. Pretty alarming though.

So, what can be done. To believe that, we’re supposed to reiterate such things and believe in history or past repeating itself or tends to offer some calculative efforts is a dilemma. When different inputs provide repetitive same results, dilemma-prevailing-feeling is a nature instinct.

Unfortunately, or by some people’s point of view fortunately and by the claim that “Every thing happens for a reason”, I’m going through such dilemma. For me, to hibernate myself, and to offer my sincere efforts some other time could be the only possibility. But still, I’m looking forward for new suggestions and advises. One should never saw NO to advises and suggestions.  God knows which can be helpful for one.

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