Useless, Useless ! But, Could I be fearless, fearless?

No matter how much sincere you’re with your cause, sometimes screaming for the truth, waving for the right direction & writing for it can only be vilification of the pen. Yes, you guess me right. I’m depressed again on not getting the ensues for what I started writing and my words are getting useless and useless.

Sometimes you feel that giving up is the best option or you’re trying to sow at a wrong place. I feel pity for myself and for those who’re trying to win a useless game. I feel sorry. Life is a random place. You get different output for the same input. Surrounded by biased people, surrounded by deaf people, I feel useless, I feel helpless, I feel that end of the story will not be gorgeous. It cannot be gorgeous. But, do give me the credit of making the story unforgettable. But, the credit is reserved to God.

May Allah give you the power of words.


6 thoughts on “Useless, Useless ! But, Could I be fearless, fearless?

  1. willowdot21 says:

    And may your God please bring you peace and tranquillity may he comfort you. Xx

  2. Aisha says:

    Aah been here after a long while. Your blog page looks amazing. Way better than before.
    It’s although not nice to see you writing this. I do hope your spirits get lifted and everyone of us can attain the eternal peace of mind, heart n soul. Ameen

  3. Wafa says:

    This Baqwas state comes in every persons life. Don’t worry. The phase passes.

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