OMG, They are so Biased to me !!

You’re biased, he is biased and she is also. Can’t you see? These are the statements you listen in daily routine. Labeling others as biased persons is easy to do. The only word that ran into my mind during my 4 years at University was “I get biased treatment from my fellow students”.
But, you, me and us never realized the fact that there are certain reasons due to that others get biased with you.

Egilona was the christian wife of Abdul-Aziz bin Musa who was the first Emir of Al-Andalus, modern day of Spain and Portugal. She was also the wife of King Roderic of Spain. She was beautiful, might be very beautiful but it was her style of speaking that made men of that time seduced of her and then they went on to work for her as puppit. We may call that men of that time were ‘biased’ that they liked
her but not other pretty ladies of visigothic family of Roderic.

Queen cleopatra was another example. She was pretty but not as pretty as her some of female servants but it was also her way
of talking that made Julius caesar fell in love with her  and after that his successor King Antony did the same and he was forced to do suicide. We may again call Caesar and Antony biased but there was something in her that they fell in love with her.

Conclusion: History tells us that labelling others biased and then closing yourself in a shell as others are bad and
only you’re good is the foolish act to do. Whining is of no use. Instead, we need to find out the true reason that
why we were neglected and attained biased behavior.

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