Taunting Aka Sarcasm is not the best Thing To do, Okay?

We may have impressed from many fictitious novel heroes. We may have adopted some of their habits. We may have followed them die heartedly. But, the fact remains that, I belong to the category whose ultimate goal is to praise the hero’s gorgeous personality and then after that sleeping is its favorite hobby. Ali Imran of great spy novels called Imran series, Salaar Sikander and Humair Raza all were great, impressive and SHOULD be followed type heroes, But ..

But I only followed their ‘bad’ habits. Ali Imran had a habit of taunting others and he used to call that taunts ‘Sarcasm’ and I always praised and enjoyed that sarcasm. Even though, I also adopted that sarcastic nature, and sarcasm was by best hobby. But, after years of sarcasm, I got to know the bad comings of sarcastic less Taunts.

I used to taunt my friend when I was in 6th standard, when he didn’t offer Afternoon prayers with Jumaah Prayers that why do you only offer Jumma Prayers? At that time, I was so called a man who used to offer all prayers, a so called ‘blessed’ person but after years and now I don’t pray, I only pray for Jumaah Prayers ‘sometimes’. What a twist.

Then, at the same time, I used to taunt my father that why didn’t you offer prayers at mosque, why at home? Now, I do the same if God gives me an opportunity to pray. What a twist in life.

From years, I used to taunt others that why did they have cigarette ? Nowadays, I taunt them why they drink Sheesha?

Now, my all power + my abilities to ‘resist’ are gone down. God is the only rescuer NOW.

Conclusion: Do not taunt others for the sake of so called sarcasm or for self pleasure. Just ask them to do or leave for the sake of good. Only GOD knows the best.

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