Does Hard Work go wasted?

My all fiction novel heroes taught me and asked me to work hard and it will pay me in the future. But, does hard work really pay? We will discuss some facts here and then I’ll place my situation in your court for suggestions and ideas.

An year earlier, I did an internship in a company because it was necessary for us to do as per University requirements. Everybody called that internship an experience. It solely comprised of office work and no technical training were involved. An year later, I recognize that internship a headache for job, plus it was all useless because of not getting any technical training. So, on resume I cannot put about that internship and if you worked for 6months and you weren’t paid also, then that ‘hard-work’ goes waste. Enough said? So, let’s conclude it, working hard in an office while you ain’t get any paid but you cannot put that ‘hard work’ on your resume. So, what is this? A hard work goes wasted or a hard work ready to be awarded in near future?

Pretty confusing I’m as usual. Would you like to answer me about this?

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4 thoughts on “Does Hard Work go wasted?

  1. Can’t you just scribble ”Intern” at ”Blah Blah on your C.V without mentioning the specifics? Ha, maybe that’s just me.
    It’s okay, I think it was some kind of glimpse into the future that professional life is going to be all hard work and no play.
    I’m being pessimistic. 😛 don’t worry, things will go your way.

  2. Fahad Naeem says:

    Putting Intern on CV only won’t solve the case :p I have a dilemma of not getting rewarded on my hard work.

  3. rageBoi says:

    Well you still did Internship.
    Maybe they didn’t give you technical training but you got the feel of the working environment and what to expect in the near future. You also upped your stakes of getting a decent job by including internship in your CV. Maybe you aint seeing the fruits of your hard work now but someday you will

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