*Side-effects* of Twitter !! ..

Twitter is by every means an awesome social networking website to be used. I’m an admirer of it since I started using it last year. But, there are few side effects of it either =p I’m not joking =p Seriously, I found some of them.

1. Firstly, using Twitter from web doesn’t make sense. You’re required to tweet instantly and for that you need Twitter mobile =p and to activate Twitter mobile, you need GPRS because using Twitter at home isn’t useful unless you tweet at work, on your way to office and also at University, School and College. =p

2. Secondly, you’re indulged in Tweeting so much that neither you listen to your mom’s call to work for her nor you pay attention to road or cars while going somewhere and people over there think that you’re busy in texting to your GIRL FRIEND =p Pretty embarrassing, right? =D

3. Thirdly, if you tweet about food, people get jealous-ed and you get a tummy-ache or food poisoning =p I got this many times before during my time at Twitter. Also, if you tweet about getting job, you lose your job or you’re forced to leave job. Personal experience =p Another one to be mention is, if you’re playing some game, your computer or laptop refuses to play that game on it =p I got this experience also yesterday.

Hence, these are few side-effects of Twitter in my eyes =p You’re free to disagree with me because people call my stuff CHUSS =p I mean LAME. Specially my University batch fellows, because they have something bad in their hearts =p Anyway, but random post ends up there =p

Note: Please forget about any grammatical mistake in the post, because I’m too lazy to proof read it =p

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2 thoughts on “*Side-effects* of Twitter !! ..

  1. Kashif Mehmood says:

    especially my batch fellows,hahahaha…:D

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