Breakfast benefits !!


Few days back, I had got food poisoning and a tummy ache due to which I couldn’t able to eat anything. My BP went down and when I visited to a doctor, he scolded me of visiting him late. Doctor asked me of my routine of taking meals.  My father interrupted and told him that he doesn’t have breakfast.

There came the red eyes of the doctor :p He explained me that stomach releases acid and that burns the food in the stomach and if your stomach is empty, it starts eating the walls of the stomach. That was the first “logical” reason ever gave to me by any doctor :p I thought that doctors are Rattu Baaz and they lack to be creative and logical :p Kidding ..

In short, I got impressed from the doctor’s views about the breakfast and decided to have it daily. So, after taking it, I realize that it makes you healthy and routine of taking meals run smoothly.

But, I’m pretty sure, nobody will follow my advice because people hate my views =p

Take breakfast and stay healthy *winks*

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6 thoughts on “Breakfast benefits !!

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I am with you on the breakfast advice it works, I am with you on most things!! 🙂

  2. nepnop says:

    so what happened after ‘it starts eating the walls of the stomach’? was your doctor suggest u to eat something?
    *in case it happens to me I know what to do, and dont need to go to the doctor* ^_^

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