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Hope that lies within you !

The sky, the earth, the wind and the moonlight,
smile on your defeats,
covetous on your victories,
the shadow in you,
the shadow is behind you,
to tell you that,
to make you realize that,
there is still something remaining in you,
if not,
it is the shadow that worships the rising sun,
if you have been ‘set’,
the shadow wasn’t there for you to watch you being set


Luck, Mmm?

It is very painful to stuck in between two things. Luck or Hard work. 1st world countries keep on believing on hard work and 3rd world countries stick to luck factor in their lives.

When I used to believe on Luck, I was more successful person and more hard working person. But when I start believing that every thing can be achieved from hard work, I got nothing. Should we fight so hard, so hard that even luck becomes a negligible factor? *Confused as usual*

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