Luck or You?

Barcelona gets more luck than it plays good? Probably, the first thinking I got after watching yesterday’s match of Barcelona vs AC Milan. I carry these things with me in real life. But, what if you don’t work and sleep 12 hours a day and expects ‘luck’ to come to your way and rescue you? Probably, God’s most favorite persons face more pain, more hardships & more resistance from the elites.

So, if you’re not working like me and expecting others to rescue you, then you’re in an illusion. Luck favors the brave.

Hoist the colors !

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2 thoughts on “Luck or You?

  1. Aisha says:

    That’s very true.

    I have seen people who just keep complaining and end up complaining and I have seen people who take what life gives them and then make the best out of it. In the end the latter is the one who succeeds.

    Great message

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