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Look, you don’t trust your body, how could others trust you?

 Trust .. When your hand is pulling a heavy door, what does it require the most? Mmm?

Probably,  trust & believe. So from where  trust & belief come? From heaven ? No. Then from genes? Certainly, No again. Then from where? Mmm, Let’s figure it out !!
When you ‘think’ that your hand can pull that door, that ‘can’  is a reason that your mind generates such waves that are necessary for your hand to pull it with such a force that eventually required for it to pull that door.

Conclusion:Hence, your body needs Trust & Belief to perform any act in your life.
If you don’t provide such feelings to your any part of your body, those parts will fail to accomplish any task for you in your life.

Then why to complain that luck doesn’t favor you, me & us or why do you, me & us continue to fail?

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Luck or You?

Barcelona gets more luck than it plays good? Probably, the first thinking I got after watching yesterday’s match of Barcelona vs AC Milan. I carry these things with me in real life. But, what if you don’t work and sleep 12 hours a day and expects ‘luck’ to come to your way and rescue you? Probably, God’s most favorite persons face more pain, more hardships & more resistance from the elites.

So, if you’re not working like me and expecting others to rescue you, then you’re in an illusion. Luck favors the brave.

Hoist the colors !

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