What gives you a pain while being a writer

It’s not wounds that give you pain. Sometimes, there are other things that are vulnerable to pain. Being a writer, when your words bleed because of people’s biased attitude and preferable behavior to the elite, you feel like quitting and giving up. So, I gave up on writing blogs and expressing my thoughts. It’s useless to fight with words when Farhat ishtiaq’s Humsafar gets more famous than Umera Ahmed’s classic art.

I feel sorry to those who fight with their words for the rights of anyone in this world. It’s useless now from my side.

Let’s move on to some other platform to raise the voice.

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10 thoughts on “What gives you a pain while being a writer

  1. zainub javed says:

    lol…I don’t get why you are so obsessed about Humsafar! Everyone has choices. Sometimes, yours match with other, sometimes, they don’t. There is no need to panic, it’s natural. People loved Humsafar , probably, because of it’s visual crafts and the cast- Just like that. I didn’t really liked it much, though. But I don’t really like Omaira Ahmed’s novels that much either! She’s isn’t a true novelist, actually, but a great dramatist, for sure!
    *Please don’t yell at me, peace*

  2. Aisha says:

    Aaahhh here I have it. Humsafar.

    I loved this drama until khirat (I hope I wrote the name right) got married to the guy. But soon as I realized that its yet another Star Plus drama with plotting mother in law, I quit watching it.

    Somebody please tell them, its the 21st century and we have something called “DNA” if you wanted to prove.

    Anyway, the pain being a writer…Ummm the only pain I feel is when I write a million and zillion words and yet they are not the words that can actually exactly explain what I want to say 😦

    • Fahad Naeem says:

      True that ! But HUMSAFAR was accusing a girl with a bad character is something prevailed in the society. Yet, it was like a star plus drama, the only good thing was the Fawad Khan’s acting taken as his sexiness !

  3. Aisha says:

    Ummm, Acha :S. Didn’t find his acting good or his sexiness good enough to make me like the drama. lol

    The only time I got crazy about any Drama was “Main Abdul Qadir Hoon.” When the promotional ads were getting aired, I would literally jump in excitement b’coz I couldn’t wait for it.

    And that is the only Only ONLY drama that has not disappointed me. Wonderful cast, superb acting, there was logic in it and most of all it had a moral based story.

  4. It is not your bakwas but it liked your bleeding words. But you seem so depressed with some thing is it so ?

  5. anummunaf says:

    It is not HUMSAFAR or UMER AHMED n FARHAT ISHTIAQ it is about choices
    when it comes to humsafar so i would say k people like drama, romance, etc.. etc…

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