Ditch those who left you !!

I never understood the true purpose of ‘sad poetry’ and articles full of tears written by some of bloggers but my ‘stewpid’ brain can just perceive that the only reason for this is, when someone gets ditched in love, he or preferably ‘she’ starts writing ‘rondo’ poetry -.- So my today’s article is ‘against’ girls 😛 who spoil themselves just because of one person who used them like a tissue paper ..

Umm .. wait wait.. you might be thinking that ‘shaid’ I also got dumped by ‘someone’ 😛 Normally boys don’t do ‘that’ stupid things as it is supposed to be stick to girls 😛  .. twitter forced me to be a blogger as everyone there has a blog  ..

Therefore Let’s ‘rag‘ the psyche of girls who act weird ..  If somebody or any ‘boy’ has desolate you, don’t waste your time by flowing out your tears.. He would be pleased that you have made him special by flowing out your tears and in that consequence losing off your skills that would benefit your sincere ones .. Thus its time for you to take .. Its time for you to ditch him off .. or if you ain’t able to do that .. be what he stopped you from being .. you are so sweet in your self..

I’ll just say..

Stand up ..

you have got to manage

Life doesn’t end up on a single crap .. Find out another one 😛 .. Whenever he comers up to your mind, use your middle finer ^_^

It is you ‘who is responsible for this ‘condition’ not he .. Do not make yourself victim of sufferance and learn the art of ‘don’t care’ .. -.-


My bakwas ends up here 😛




19 thoughts on “Ditch those who left you !!

  1. Proudpaakistani says:

    Larkay ziada paggal hojaty ha,ma na apni ankhon sa daikha ha #fact

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Fahad that is so simplistic, I can tell you as a much older woman, things are never black and white. From what you say you have not been hurt yet, I would like to say I hope you never are hurt but that would be stupid as life is not like that! That said it was a good blog, some mistakes ask what they were if you are interested or not if you know them and were playing with us! Good blog! xxxx

  3. I think some just need a place to release their feelings and their own blog is the place to do it. But eventually, they will have to face whatever it is they are going through and work through it. That’s what makes us stronger. Great article.

  4. ifragrance says:

    Not everyone writes because they were dumped or hurt. Sometimes it is just inspiration.

  5. good post, and i agree with ifragrance, i know a blogger, who writes about love all the time, but the blog is really cool, you should check it out if you have not already at…
    and also i would like it if you checked my blog out on
    learningandgrowing02. 😉

  6. anummunaf says:

    🙂 😀 cant stop laughing anyways its true 🙂

  7. Ali Adnan says:

    I agree with a million percent ! Excellent .. it was like you were reading my mind 🙂

    Srsly ! … move on ! get on with ur life .. why ruin your life for someone else .. and he /she wouldn’t even give a damn abt it … why neglect and hurt the people who really care and love you .. like ur parents, siblings, true friends ,etc … Its so stupid to isolate ur self and deprive in fact “na shukri” of the beautiful gift of life Allah gave you .. dont put it to waste ! .. he/she didn’t deserve you and neither are worth even a single tear ..

  8. Blink says:

    i dont agree that only those girls write sad poetries who have been ditched!
    and yes i too hate those girls who attach them selves to boys who dont even worth them

  9. Aisha says:

    HAHA. Totally agreed.

    You forgot to mention the Sad Lonely And Painful messages and status on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo (basically every place that asks for status) :).

    Also the tear drops, crying and lonely display pictures that accompany the sad status message.

    Its like if you have broken up or someone has ditched you, it is your duty to tell the world, otherwise the world is going to end.

    Seriously girls, get a life. Go play some blood filled action games. Smack those faces. It really helps boost your energy 🙂

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