Great insult, grouching and all, and when I viewed the blog of a girl who commented on my post and there was something called ‘gratitude’, the feelings with what I was barren  and I got to realize that i am the cheapest, worst ever person available on earth but still Allah does not want me to quit. I don’t know why I never knew why I was given all that. Indeed I never deserved that but sill 22 years of befuddling, sorrows, and repentance, Allah wants me to stand,  He wants me to fight and He wants me to never say die,  I couldn’t understand this ever I don’t know for what I was born for and I am supposed to be. The day when I born and then adopted and the education I got that could not be given to my sister and brothers, yet I am loosing, yet I am yielding.. I concede.. I regret but yet could not be able to defy.

Verily, you will not die until Allah does not take from you what He wants you to do.. ‘This isn’t a Qur’anic verse’.

So let’s not waste the credit we deserve and do it with the sequential way or we will be forced to do that ..

Note: This article was written few months ago.


4 thoughts on “Confession

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Keep going you know your worth so do the best, you are worthy of nothing less than your best!!

  2. Blink says:

    this is so motivatiingg.. Fahad
    and yeah right.. we should never ever give up in life.. no matter during what hard face we are going through..
    after all these hardships arrive to check our courage..and how well we stand them.

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