Lust and girls

You look so sexy while you open your hair .. You may have listened to this phrase from your friend many times before as she would have told you about her boyfriend. Nahi ?? Probably yes. But, have you ever imagined about the consequences of these sentences? Your friend goes into the dilemma of whether she has to follow her traditions or make her boyfriend happy. Eventually, making her boyfriends ‘day’. We live in the society, where ‘saraab’ looks so glooming. Girls falling into the boyfriends’ demand is a common ‘practice’ and that is the day when innocence is beaten by ‘sexiness’.

Probably, we blame girls wearing scarf, abaya or duppata. Me too belongs to those ‘liberals’. But we should accept that girls look innocent in those clothings. Nahi ?Cool but, I think like that. The story of love that was started from the carings of a boy ends up there when a girl ‘prepares’ herself for her boyfriend. She finally loses her innocence. For me, when she starts doing her hair straightens, and then tighten hair becomes puff. Then lose dresses become skin tight. Why ? Because, their boyfriend asks for that.

What kind of love is this ? That asks you to show off your ‘inner self’ ? Probably, it is a lust. The day when he asks you for that, start thinking for what he is asking for.. Back off and find another one. You would be able to find many. Trust me or else, he will ‘use’ you for ‘that’ purpose and after when he will ditch you, you would have only tears to en company with.

There are some mistakes that are not worthy to be forgotten. This is the reason of the breakups of nowadays relations. Stick to your traditions and standards. Everything is fair in war and love but this is not a love, this is a lust. A vulgar lust that has a purpose to play with your emotions and feelings and then backing off. Stay happy, middle finger to the ones who use you for lust.

Cheers girls and try to live ‘your’ own life.


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16 thoughts on “Lust and girls

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I agree that modesty is becoming an endangered species. It does grieve me I see young girls out on the streets leaving nothing to the imagination. They may have lovely bodies , some certainly do not not but I can’t help thinking just an inch or two here and a few centimetres there and they would look so much prettier. I also hate ( sorry it is a strong word but I mean it) to see pregnant women/girls wearing cropped tops with short skirts or jeans showing off their bumps. I am all for being proud of their pregnancy’s but I do not want their bumps shoved in to my face. I have been pregnant three times so I am not jealous I just do not like to see extended bellys it makes me uncomfortable.
    I do not want to make women cover up, God forbid I have no wish for the burkka or the hadjib I object to those too and I am afraid of Sharia Law. I would not like to see that spread world wide.
    I would just love to see girls become a more modest, then there might be less crime including female gang members. More input from parents, showing caring discipline and explaining to their children boys included why modesty is important in today’s world.
    There must be a middle line and I would love for the world to find it. May I take this chance to wish you a very Happy and healthy New Year . x

  2. I think if we revert back to what religion there should be no dating, bfs etc but when a girl/boy crosses that line of becoming a bf or gf then what else is left? You cant say stop dressing for your bf when she shouldn’t have one in the first place.

    Also everyone dresses to please themselves mostly and when it’s done for others then it’s just a lack of self confidence in yourself.

    I think if everyone had self respect and new what it meant these things wouldn’t be an issue.

    • Fahad Naeem says:

      I never talked about religion in my blog. I just asked girls to figure out the difference between true love and the relation to use girls for his lust or the ‘physical’ one. Dressing up ‘sexy’ is something that leads to where when he ditches her girl friend. Hope I was clear enough in my sayings to clarify your doubt.

  3. Becoming Bitter says:

    You don’t mention religion here and that’s fine. As a girl though, I have never dated. Never the saw the desire to. I agree with Laila’s comments. Islam says no dating and dressing modestly. Muslims would do well to follow that, but of course times have changed. My personal opinion is that girls (and guys) should dress comfortably.

    Now to answer to your question, the difference between love and lust is hard to figure out at the beginning of a relationship. Love is accepting the other no matter who they are or how they dress. Again, this is coming from someone who has never been in a relationship.

    Good question though Naeem.

  4. deja says:

    well that was badly needed, and nicely handled. 🙂

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