Why we ???

Many of us complain about other mortals surrounding us as having a negative mentality or pessimism .. But we never thought that why one thinks negatively or what makes him to think like that .. Resulting optimists fighting a war against pessimists.. Haww inay BADAY ho kar bhi ladai ?? Shame shame 😉
I am a pessimist unfortunately. I regret *as I always do after doing bad* 😛 but no optimist ever tried to change me as ‘dafa karo dobnay do hamara kia jata hai’ 😳 ..
 I, we and the pessimists think negatively when continuously same things happen again and again resulting in shun. 😮 Optimists have better capability to abide so because of this sustainability optimists are optimists. Whilst as no human is same by face by heart same as no one is same by means of encephalon. So could you please help pessimists in sorting off or ‘mitti pau’ as you will say by your heart after reading this post  😛 Right ? 😎
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2 thoughts on “Why we ???

  1. Wafa says:

    This is quite confusing! :S

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