Hello Friends, Long time no see?

Hello Friends, I’m back. Long time no see?
We all claim to be busy and do nothing. Don’t We?
From now onwards, I’ll try to be irrational and say things that come to my mind without giving them a second thought. I came to the realization that writing is necessary so is speaking one’s heart.
The absence of myself is mainly due to the fact that I lost my touch of inspiring with my words; I thought that writing is for others but after 5 years of absence, I now came to know that We write for ourselves, not for someone else.
Writing decreases depression and anxiety; So If you’re short of words and have nothing to say, I’d still suggest writing something daily.
The problem with the introverts like us is that we get bored of the people, their biasedness (which we all are) and the way life treats us and putting ourselves in some sort of lockdown or in a bunker becomes the only solution.
I was camouflaged in books, writing random stuff and watching videos/tutorials but then I realized I wasn’t growing. I was stuck somewhere and I needed people to rescue me.

But after spending the last 6 months with people, it was of no use. They can’t rescue you. They are part of a bigger problem. They see things differently and they cannot solve the messes you have created. You are the solution.
So back to the square one, I reverted to the original scenario. Saying things irrationally and reading books.
I hope you don’t suffer from the same scenario where you have nothing to do but the urge to put your thoughts into words.
If you have something to say, feel free to approach me.


Null Start

We all are contrite of starting altogether after an F**k-up. Aren’t we? But a Null-Start i.e. starting from scratch is not a thing of propitious. Why? Because, it breaks off the momentum and nullifies all the good work which was done in the first place. And life is all about momentum.

So what should be done?

  • Putting one-self again & again in the situation where null-start’s urge comes in.
  • Training one-self’s mind to keep up the work after an F**k-up.
  • Writing a journal of your blunders and analysing what happened and why happened.


In the midst of…

In the midst of the wars, we have won,
against the ultimate enemy we had,
at the explicitly crafted battlefield, we had,
to the credit, we had lost,
it was nothing but amiss,
if we could not pursue but elude,
to the end of the beginning,
it’s the battle we had lost,
which was everything to us but alas,
we’re nothing but ashes in the acreage,
a meaningless but illusion-ised affair,
in the calamity and despair,
in the midst of the war among wars,
we’re stripped of the powers,
to lead and to hold,
it’s us to blame,
for the pleasures and happiness, we had chased,
it’s the maneuvering which,
brings the ecstasy of an untouchable kind.

In the end, it all goes down

Sometimes it’s okay. It’s okay to be on the right side of history. It’s okay to cheer yourself up when nobody is going to be. Maybe history will be kind to you, or maybe not. It’s okay as soon as you keep cheering yourself up. In the end, it all goes down and you end up having the last laughs, cheering moments and victorious roars. So why the mess.

It’s okay if somebody doesn’t give you credit. It’s okay if you have nothing to fight for, fight for yourselves. In the end, it all goes down and you have your personal victories to lighten you up.

It’s okay if it depresses it. It means you’re having trouble for something, something valuable. In the end, it all goes down and what you do for the good really survives.

… speak louder than words

It’s been an year since I wrote something. I don’t know how writing would feel anymore. Or Maybe we come to a phase to realize that our words lose the spark to inspire others. If we can’t inspire others or motivate others or give them any sort of hope, then what’s the goddamn point of writing?

In life, we don’t need words every time to achieve what we want to tell. Silence and actions speak louder than words. And a wiser man once said : Great Talkers are not great Doers.

Peace of Mind

Somewhere, sometime we all have thought about probable happening of something in THE future. Some ‘happenings’ are going to bring joy some to fear. In any case, creating hype or thinking too much about ‘it’ only obliterate¬†the joy (as hype kills the satisfaction of the joy) and¬†intensify the fear which will help ‘someone’ in your head to create chaos. Chaos which will either hurt you, people you love or you end up screwing things.

In return, we’d be calling ourselves ‘useless’, ‘cursed’ or a ‘piece of shit’. It started with a small dot in our head and became a gigantic¬†extragalactic nebula.

This hype is the real reason we miss the joy surrounded us. There is no need to run from inevitable. Time for the resultant happening will arrive on its time. Till then dance with the wind, wink with joy and make sure your eyes smile. And, we should realize that we can’t change the outcome of the eventual but we can change the way of reacting on it.

In the end of the day, peace of mind is what matters the most in every case.

Thumbs up.

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Let history be the only narrator

Sometimes we suffer from a syndrome named as – telling people what we’re and what we’re capable of. This is THE result of people’s doubts which were generated due to some screwing-off by us at the first place. This syndrome is incurable until we realize that either we live our lives for ourselves or for people. In both cases, showing-off or telling people about our abilities don’t help us in moving forward. People don’t appreciate, they’d never do. We spend our important part of life pleasing them, satisfying them and creating hype. What we get is – the Trivial.

No matter what we do, what all matters is, peace of mind. And that won’t be coming if we hold everyone which passes-by and tell him or her that look this is my ability and this is what I’ve achieved. Now, appreciate me?

This isn’t going to work. Neither it was supposed to at first place. The story ends with the moral that let’s do our work and die. Let history tells our tale.

Disjoined Domains

He was sitting on a cliff, throwing stones into the sea- legs moving to and fro fortuitously. Doubts were culminating in his mind over his abilities. Olivia appears from his back. He didn’t notice her arrival. His mind was completely engrossed on the seashore and invaded with the negative thoughts pumping in his mind putting it in endless loop. Where are you lost? I was looking for you everywhere, asked Olivia.

W–what? He stuttered.

Mm, nothing, she exhaled a deep breath.

It’s been three years since she was with him and he used to get lost so often that she’s now used to of it.

I.. mm I came along to get some fresh air out here, he told.

She knew that he wasn’t lying but he never told the complete truth either. He used to lay low. It’s her with whom he doesn’t feel uneasiness. She sat down besides him. He was still lost in his thoughts- depressed and dejected.

Why don’t you let go of your thoughts, Harold? What bothers you this much? She took his hand in hers and asked.

I.. I..I feel dejected, useless and pathetic.

And why do you feel like this?

Whenever I try to do something good, either people influence me, demoralize me and tell me that I’m aaaa .. pathetic.

And this exacerbate the pain when it feels like God is not on my side, he added.

She kept listening to him. He was telling his tale for the first time in her time with him.

Why God is not on my side, Olivia?

God is always on your side, Harold. It’s that we don’t understand Him. We need not to. He has a plan for everything. We should let him do His job. It’s not in our domain to question His motives for us. Whatever He does for us, in the end all things settle down and get their calmness, Harold.

How do you manage to be happy this much, Olivia?

I remain happy because I ‘do not’ question God’s intent. Why to think and get worried about things which are not in my domain?

He looked convinced, and felt contented.




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Review : Fringe (TV Series)



One of the finest TV Series I’ve ever seen. If I’m allowed to write a review about it, I can sum-up in one sense : I’m a better human being than I was before watching FRINGE. That’s much it influenced me. I had got answers about hypnotism, telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation and a lot more. I hit 100 episodes in less than 50 days apart from my late hours at office, my sleeping and eating habits.

I recommend all of technical-minded as well as non-technical minded people to watch this TV series. It’s worth of spending your 90 hours on it.

May you be the better man than your father.

I’d recommend everyone having technical or non-technical knowledge to watch this show. I’m thinking to start watching it AGAIN.

Benefit of writing

I’m writing this Blog-post by sitting on office chair and meanwhile downloading a software to test the Low-Power Consumption of a hardware and reading articles about the benefit of writing. Though, I did not intend to write anything when my mind is occupied with people’s unprofessional behavior. The point is, putting your mind for endless-thinking-loop on people’s behavior is a useless thing. They will tend to do what they meant to. Nothing can change them. Neither your optimism not your pessimism. Apart from this, I was reading about benefit of writing and learnt that it is good for the exercise of consciousness. For muscles of brain to function properly, we need to keep on brain-storming.

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